MDR Marca Electric Heaters

To dominate the electricity and the heat to shape the quality.

With a specialized experience of over thirty years, MDR Marca has achieved an authoritative position in the demanding field of production of electric heaters, for both the production quality and the dynamism in the dialogue with the market.

Electric Heaters

The Main Industries

MDR Marca’s experience and the latest technologies for your business

Our products are essential for the electric heating of the metallic bodies and of fluids both gaseous and liquid.
Professionalism of MDR Marca’s staff and computer intelligence are combined in a delicate balance, creating a synergy that allows us the production of electric heaters of very high quality using the latest technologies.
It is from logic and rationale interface of these elements that MDR Marca develops a successful production in an increasingly demanding and competitive market.
A complete range of products always oriented to the quality and the performance.