The plastic molding is a process that allows to realize plastic components through the use of a mold. Heaters for plastic molding are used to bring the molds to the suitable temperature for the process.

The main techniques of plastic molding are:

  • Compression Molding: Process of machining employed for thermosetting plastics, and sometimes also used for thermoplastics.
    During the process of compression molding the polymer, that at the beginning is in the form of powder or pellets, is subjected to high pressures, thus giving rise to the crosslinking process.
  • Injection molding: It’s the most used technique to produce in series plastic objects. Is realized through the use of special presses (said presses for thermoplastic injection), that, thanks to heaters for plastic molding, blend the granules of plastic material and inject them with high-speed and pressure into the molds. At this point the polymer cools and it assumes the desired geometry.
    The injection molding is used both in the case of thermoplastic materials both with the thermosets.
  • Transfer molding: The polymer, through heaters for plastic molding, is brought to a temperature that makes it malleable and at the same time that avoids the crosslinking. The latter will be carried out at a later time, in a closed mold in which the softened mass will be previously transferred.
  • Thermoforming
  • Heat Sealing
  • Rotomolding
  • Foaming
  • Pressing sintering

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