Industrial furnaces for high temperature

MDR Marca boasts a multi-years experience both in construction and production of customised industrial furnaces for average, high and higher temperatures, all produced with high quality material able to give you high performance that could satisfy every expectation. Our experience allow us to supply efficient products, continuosly updated according to the new available technologies, to guarantee the best quality as possible and high durability standards.

Our high temperature furnaces have application in several productive sectors, such as pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, aeronautical and thermal treatments.
In addition, our industrial furnaces have application in several industrial processes, such as for example:

  • Chemical analysis;
  • Metallographie;
  • Not destructive controls;
  • Structural engineering;
  • Mechanical engineering tests;
  • Failure analysis.

High quality industrial furnaces production

The MDR Marca industrial furnaces production is conducted by employing latest technologies and high quality materials, it guaratees the offer of practical product, mounted on wheels with the possibility to be disassembled.
Moreover our industrial furnaces production expect the employment of certified quality and performance, using ecological pottery fiber or fire-resistant as insulating, with internal mitten complitely airthight or fire-resistant.

High temperature furnaces: between 200°C and 1250°C

The high temperature furnaces by MDR Marca are able to reach temperature that are between 200°C and 1250°C.
The heating system of our industrial furnaces can be produced thanks to the employment of armored resistances, tubular or with thread spiral with a steatite support.
Our high temperature furnaces have 230/400 voltage, single-phase or three-phase, and control temperature system with probes and digital thermalregulator, with clocks in order to plan the starting and the switching off of the industrial furnace.

Customised industrial furnaces for every kind of needs

The experience acquired in the field of high temperature furnaces has allowed us to continuosly updating our industrial furnaces production, specializing ourselves in the production of industrial furnaces more efficient, practical and reliable.
Our electrical industrial furnaces are home-made produced, and this allow us to test directly their performance together with the choice of the material.
Thanks to the direct production we are also able to guarantee an high quality for our industrial furnaces that will make you extremely satisfied.

To receive some information about our customised industrial furnaces production, contact us soon, our experienced staff will be happy to give you all the information you may need.