Insulating mats

Mdr Marca has a long year experience in customised construction and planning of insulating mats and accidents prevention mats,which are realised using high quality materials through a careful manufacturing, in order to ensure the maximum performance and resistance.

Eco – save mats: discover the quality of the termal insulation of our insulating cushions

The insulation is a technique used to insulat two system that differantiate themselves in terms of composition and setting, in way to avoid exchanges of heat or loud vibrations.
Our insulating mats in addition to offer to our customer the maximum in terms of thermal insulation, they carry out an eco-save function.
Our insulating mats are applied on elements characterized by elevated temperatures ( for instance such a cylinder heated using an electrical resistance). Thanks to the process of technological manufacturing together with the best available materials, our insulating cushions are able to maintain the heat of the instrument they are applied for, avoiding that this will be scattered in the environment, by developing also the function of eco – save mats.

High quality insulating cushions

The insulating mats and the accident prevention mats produced by MDR Marca follows this manufacturing process:

  • Outside: fiberglass pattern caramelized of GR. 430/mq; maximum temperature 600 C°.
    The pattern is caramelized in order to reduce the disintegration and avoid an irritation of the material. After this process through the furnace, the isolating cushions assum a light brown colour.
  • Internal padding: high density fiberglass felt: maximum exercise temperature 550 C°.
  • Inside: silica fiber GR. 600/mq; maximum exercise temparature 1000 °C.
    Thanks to our multi-years experience we are able to provide you high quality products, realised with the best materials available and machineries continuosly updating. In this way our company is able to insure the best for your industrial activity.

Customised insulating mats

Our insulating mats guarantee not only an upper average technical performace, but also an high durability for long time, become a candidate as a core product in the sector of isolating instruments.
From the beginning MDR Marca put the quality of the material employed at the first place, setting as a primary goal the customer satisfaction, both for the supply of efficient product and the satisfaction of the customers’ needs.
As a matter of fact we are at your disposal for the prodoction of customised isolating and accidents prevention cushions, with the possibility of intervention on the diameter or eventual presence of holes and their position according to the customer’s dispositions.

Accidents prevention mats for the safety of works in your firm

In addition to guarantee the maximum performance in terms of thermal insulations and eco-save, our insulating mats conduct also the important function of accident prevention mats.
The insulating cushions MDR Marca, employed on machinery’s parts characterized by high temperatures, and allow a thermanl insulation the hottest and most dangerous parts of the machinery, reducing considerably the accident risks on work, for who that use this machinery every days.
Safety on the work place is very important, MDR Marca helps you to maintain high safety standards thanks to our accident prevention mats, available also cusutomised accord to your needs.

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