MDR Marca stands in the manifacture of many products for insulation, particularly of electrical insulation mats and insulation fabrics.

The thermal insulation is guaranteed by different types of materials, such as glass fiber, ceramics, mica, aramid, expansion joints.

About the electrical insulation mats, the material suitable to be used changes from situation to situation on the basis of the specific conditions, such as for example the temperature of the object you requires isolate, the conditions of the place in which the object is placed, the location of the plant, the presence of any fluid, air or oil.
The decision about which insulation fabrics use, however, is determined by the properties of the fabric itself as the weight, the type of weaving and finishing.

Our Company produces a wide range of products for the insulation, such as for example:

  • Ceramic fiber mats type wax paper high insulation;
  • Insulating Duraglas;
  • Insulating mica;
  • Insulating NAD 500;
  • Insulating Rossi MP3;
  • Ceramic fiber mats high insulation.

For more information about our electrical insulation mats and insulation fabrics, contact us!